About Us

The Social Assistance Partnership (TSAP) is an advisory and consulting firm whose focus is to advise and assist organizations charged with designing, implementing and managing publicly funded social assistance programs. We carefully assemble project teams to reflect the required mix of crosscutting expertise to address the complexity inherent to public health and human service challenges. Our Principals collectively possess over 40 years experience in designing, creating,  winning and managing government-funded international health and human service programs. They work with clients to create evidence-based solutions that effectively capture the efficiency and economy demanded in today’s outcome-driven marketplace.

Social change needs to be developed with a clear focus on the service user, the consumer. Policy design and development needs to be centered on a clear understanding of the people who will be impacted. For providers of social assistance programs, maintaining policy connections is vital to transformation. TSAP brings practionary experience to social service policy design, framing solutions with an in-depth understanding of informing policy and program design criteria. The resulting service solutions are:

  • Based on a thorough understanding of the service user
  • Connected to policy lifecycles
  • Consistent with guidelines and parameters developed by governments
  • Correlated to outcomes

Catalysts for lasting social change and passionate about the people impacted, TSAP works with clients to design and facilitate solutions that convey empathy while delivering economy, efficiency and effectiveness.